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Proper Dog Care

Proper Dog Care

Many of the reasons we at AER have to rescue dogs are because he/she was the victim of improper care or treatment. Anything from total neglect, abandonment, or abuse to simply an owner giving up a dog because it was sick and just needed proper medical care. In some cases the owners just needed ‘education’ on proper dog health care. A lot of hard work and love have to be given to a dog that has had improper care.
Owning a pet is perhaps one among the biggest blessings for people at any age. Owners of these pets sometimes treat these creatures as best friends. They can be a food companion, rest companion, or play companion. These pets can also make you feel comfortable during your life’s hardest time. Indeed, pets are gifts to humans.

Dogs are among the choicest of pets of the people. The owners need to learn how to care for their dogs so their pets can be the cleanest, healthiest, and the greatest dogs in the entire world. However, if you want to own a dog you need to be concerned about the dog’s health at all times.

You can maintain dog health through proper dog care. It is very important to your dog. By doing the proper health care you will be able to make your dog strong and healthy. The reason why some dogs are neglected is because of selfishness of some dog owners. Only a little time is spent to caring for dogs. If dog owners do not give some of their time, energy, affection and healthy dog habits, the result is unhealthy dogs which are prone to allergies and malnutrition.

It is very important for you to feed your dog with healthy foods. Never overfeed your dogs. Overfeeding leads to indigestion and overweight. It is never easy for a dog that has indigestion. You will need to bring them to a veterinarian to relieve it. Feed your dog with enough food and always on time. Never feed your dog your ‘table scraps’. This is very unhealthy for your dog as they are not designed to eat many foods you eat. Carefully prepared natural foods for your dog can be a great asset, but you must first totally educate yourself to have your dog eating ‘human’ foods.

Proper hygiene care is also important to improve your dog’s health. You do not have to take him/her to bathing everyday. Use shampoo for dogs as it contains the right pH level for your dogs. Human shampoo can cause some serious problems like excessive hair fall or allergic reaction. If your dogs have fleas, treat them by using and flea shampoo. Some are not effective so you should choose the ones with the trustworthy name.

Have your dog checked for Heartworm once a year by your vet. Aside from checking for any visible signs of problems with the dog, the person can do better by bringing the pet in for the regular examinations with the vet. Shots and other cleaning can be done once a year or every three years depending on the strength of the drug.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. The best way to make sure this pet will live for many years will be to provide some preventive health care. The person can read up or learn some things from the vet which will surely be useful. Never underestimate the importance of dog health.