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Fly to the Angels,Owen. Run – play and tell Missy, Pippin and Major when I see you all in heaven, we’ll see who really owns the stick!

Rest in Peace OWEN




We will miss you, Chip.

John and Mark


Rest in Peace CHIP




Dreamer – Canine Cancer Survior 2014 to 2018

We will miss Dreamer very much.  He fought the fight of cancer a long time and you would never know he had it. What a wonderful boy.  Joel and Sandy Michael

Rest in Peace Dreamer




SAVANA, our loving tribute

In memory of our sweet Savana.

You filled our hearts with unconditional love and joy for the past 11 years.

Your unexpected passing has left a huge void in our lives.

You are loved and sorely missed.

Psalm 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”[NIV]

Love you always, Mom and Dad

Rest in Peace SAVANA




One of the most handsome Eskies ever. Yukon was born 25 Nov 2004 and left us 30 Aug 18. He blessed us .with his love and joy, and is missed. Rest in Peace, Little Boy.

Rest in Peace Yukon



In memory of Daisy who was adopted by Alice.

Daisy was loved and will be missed.

Rest in Peace Daisy




In memory of Luke who was a rescue from Illinois.

We loved Luke so much and will miss him.

Momma Pat

Rest in Peace Luke




Abram (aka “Abe”)

What a character. Abe was loved and will be missed by many.

Thank you for coming into my life, Abe. Love, Mamma Paula

Rest in Peace Abe




I am remembering all the good times. Lord knows there were a multitude of good times with this dog. He truly had a pretty great life and showed his gratitude with tons of love to everyone he met.

Love, Terry Perrine for Daniel and Charlie

Rest in Peace Charlie




Sweet Chance was welcomed into heaven at age 15 on March 15, 2019.  His decline was very short and he passed away with peace and grace, tenderly loved.

Thank you Chance for 11 years of love, companionship and laughter.  You made friends wherever you went with your sweet spirit and gentle ways.  You were a bright light in my life.  You are deeply mourned and will always be cherished and forever remembered.

Cindy Blest

Rest in Peace Chance




If you have ever experienced that joyous moment upon opening the door to your home and being greeted by a little toasted marshmallow covered pup that can barely contain his happiness, then you understand that sense of loss when your buddy is no longer there. We miss our Podey. Sometimes, you know when you get it just right. We met Gaspode aka Diamond aka Lucky, at one of the Adoption Days at Petsmart. Gaspode picked us as much as we picked him. From the very first day in our home, he knew his name and knew to which pack he belonged. There was never any question that he was ours or that we were his. We even thought about changing his name a few days later. But, he’d accepted “Gaspode.”  And, that was that. Podey was a mixed breed.  We were never really sure of his parentage. But, we’re pretty certain that gazelle must’ve figured in there somewhere, as he could run like the wind. It was a thing of beauty to see him flying over the ground. Like my previous Eskie, he was a gentle, loyal, and calm soul that loved everyone. The dog with humorous ears, big rabbit feet, and down soft fur, stole our hearts and kept them safe for 15 years.

Eric and Mary Butler

Rest in Peace Gaspode



In loving memory of Little Bit.  Sandy and Kim introduced you into our lives in May of 2004. You brought us over 15 years of love and joy, and were a great little sister for Zoe. Sadly, you left us on November 21, 2019. You were greatly loved and will be deeply missed and always in our Hearts. Steve and Renee Carrow


Rest in Peace Little Bit



Charlie the Wonder Dog rescued us in 2008 and was deeply loved by all.  He will be missed. The Kaelin Family


Rest in Peace CHARLIE



Coda was my beloved friend for 13 years.  We miss him but are grateful for all the wonderful memories.  Rest in peace, buddy.  Love, Sunny, Drew, Raela, and Vinny


Rest in Peace CODA



“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.” – Thom Jones

This summed up our Lewis.  He came to us as a foster and then picked us as his forever family.  He was a cherished member of our family and will be dearly missed.  We are forever grateful and blessed to have had him in our lives for the last 15 years.

Harry and Katie


Rest in Peace LEWIS



What a very sweet Eskie who will be missed.

American Eskimo Rescue St. Louis


Rest in Peace SKIP/TROOPER



We love you and won’t forget you.

Love Mom & Dad Michael


Rest in Peace Micky



In Honor of Fritzie, we loved her and will miss her.
Shelley and Rick Ferland


Rest in Peace Fritzie



Daisy came into my life by accident in fall 2006. I was driving home from a friend’s house. I turned onto a side street and had to slow down for a police car on the side of the road with flashing lights. I glanced over as I passed by to see a woman holding a small white dog in the yard of a home. The dog had her head raised and looked at me as I drove by. Something about her stayed with me all night. I had been thinking about getting a dog so the next morning I called vets’ offices. The second vet had her and said her name was Daisy. They were getting ready to put her to sleep because she had a broken leg and the owner no longer wanted to care for her. Her leg was broken in a way that she would have to be taken over an hour away to have surgery. I left work and picked her up and took her to have a pin put her in leg. Her owner signed her over to me and I took her home. She stayed by my side for almost 15 years. She was smart, loving and just all around special dog. I miss her so much and will never get over her not being here.  Daisy was very much loved by Fonzie and Keith. She will forever be remembered in our hearts. She is greatly missed.


Rest in Peace DAISY

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