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Loved by all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis special friend to Kim.


Rest in Peace Izzy




Loved by all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis special friend to Nancy


Rest in Peace Aspen




Loved by all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis special friend to Melissa


Rest in Peace Whitey




In Memory of Duke Michael Our first Eskie; we miss him dearly


Rest in Peace Duke




There is no pain greater than the loss of your true love, Coco was mine. Loved and adored, she is deeply missed.


Rest in Peace Coco




Loved by all, of
Eskie Rescue St. Louis
special friend to Kim

Rest in Peace Buffy




She was an angel sent to us to have and to cherish in her short life of six years. Even though I know she is still with us in spirit.


Rest in Peace Missy




In loving memory of Wilson Forever my best friend and little buddy. My first Eskie. Shelley Rose Ferland


Rest in Peace Wilson




Loved by all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis special friend to Melissa


Rest in Peace Blizzard




Taken too soon, always in our hearts. Til we meet at Rainbow Bridge. Mom and Frankie


Rest in Peace Sugar




Loved by all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis special friend to Melissa and Steve


Rest in Peace Knorris




Seven little years of Eskie love and kisses. Much too short. So very missed here. Joe in KY


Rest in Peace Tollie




Diamond was picked up from Evansville animal control. He had Parvo and died within hours of our rescuing him. At least Diamond did not die in the horrible prison of animal control. Dr. Tom at Banfield tried to save him, but it was
too late. He was a beautiful Eskie that was a stray, put into animal control, and neglected from there.


Rest in Peace Diamond




Special Eskie friend to Virgina


Rest in Peace Hannah



Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear was loved by Kim and is now has peace


Rest in Peace Pooh Bear




We lost Rachel May 9, 2002. She was loved and she gave us love. We had her 7 wonderful years. We adopted her from the St. Charles Humane Society when she was 7 years old. We miss her very much.


Rest in Peace Rachel




Joey was loved by Kim and all of Eskie Rescue, He tried very hard to survive, he was a very cute pup.


Rest in Peace Joey




She filled our lives with so much joy and happiness, being warm, loving,clever, fun-loving and witty, always by our side


Rest in Peace Stega




In Loving Memory of Linus Zirbas Our first Eskie and only boy. You will never know how honored we were to call you our own.


Rest in Peace Linus




He was a loyal and loving friend. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, sweeter dog. He will be greatly loved and missed by Carey and Jennifer.


Rest in Peace Tamper




A very special eskie, loved by all of Eskie Rescue St. Louis


Rest in Peace Ryan



Maria’s Puppies

In Loving Memory of two very specail puppies. Born to Maria and cared for lovingly by Stacey, Gregg, Sam and Delaney.


Rest in Peace Maria’s Puppies




“In loving memory of Polar, We will always love you”


Rest in Peace Polar




In loving memory of our first Eskie, Mia. Died June 2003. Sadly missed by her people. Mr. & Mrs. Chaffin Catlettsburg, Kentucky


Rest in Peace Mia




We loved you so much! Thank you for being our angel dog! Rick, T’resa, Emily & Alex


Rest in Peace Prissy




Misty loved to walk on my heels when I would go any where in the house. I guess she thought she would miss something and We still miss her and she is never for from our minds. We loved her very much. Terry & Gary Thiemann


Rest in Peace Misty



Al Bundy

Al Bundy a spunky boy in life and terribly missed in death. He filled our home with laughter and joy and drove us crazy but always was there with his Corgi grin. We were honored for 10 years with his presence and he has now gone to
the Rainbow bridge and is free of his broken body. We love you Al Bundy and you will forever live in our hearts and memories. Mommy, Daddy and Misty.


Rest in Peace Al Bundy



Angel and Tasha

We miss you and love you very much, be good girls. Mommy and Daddy love you. Chris Slamon and Cheri Bradshaw


Rest in Peace Angel and Tasha




This is our beloved Angel, she was taken from us way to soon she brought so much love and enjoyment into Cheri and My life I could not even express. she will be missed dearly and loved forever, and thank you Eskie Rescue for bringing
another Angel into our lives, she will never replace the original Angel but will be loved just as much, So Angel you be a good girl until we meet again, Mommy and Daddy love you. Chris Slamon and Cheri Bradshaw


Rest in Peace Angel




In loving memory of our verry first Eskie, Chiquita Acosta Died July 5, 2004. She filled our lives with so much joy and happiness, always by our side. Taken too soon always in our hearts. Chuy, Lizbeth, Nataly and David


Rest in Peace Chiquita




Loved by all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis


Rest in Peace Blake




A gentle “sweet” Eskie who was loved and cared for by foster parents Tom and Jeanette until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you, Misha.


Rest in Peace Misha




Kiki will be missed by the Canman Family and Eskie Rescue She was loved by all.


Rest in Peace Kiki




Love by Rick and Angela


Rest in Peace Sarge




Sweetie, a very nice dog that was on the verge of a wonderful new life but heaven wanted her more.


Rest in Peace Sweetie




Opaca Cohen first born to Steve and Leigh Cohen, sister to Amanda and rescued Eskimo brothers Quinn and Yoda was laid to rest after 16 precious years on July 30th, 2005. She will be dearly missed and remembered as a treasured part
of our family forever.


Rest in Peace Opaca



Pets lost in Katrina

In memory of all the Eskies and pets that lost their lives in the Katrina disaster. You will be remembered by your human families and pet lovers every where.


Rest in Peace to all the pets lost in the Katrina disaster




Sunny, you are our special animal child and we miss you so much. You brought us so much joy and happiness and we will always consider you our first child. We love you!


Rest in Peace Sunny




“We took care of each other when we both needed somebody the most. I will miss you forever. – Love Your Kimberly”


Rest in Peace Ansel




A true Angel from the Pacific Northwest You will be missed, Amy


Rest in Peace Tacoma




In loving memory of Oscar, our best friend and son who has enhanced our lives for 16 years.  See you in heaven, Buddy! -Patrick Gilmore


Rest in Peace Oscar




Godspeed, my friend. Oliver 1990 – 2003.


Rest in Peace Oliver




In loving memory of Sophie, adopted from a rescue in Indiana in January 2005, and left us on August 30,2006. We loved every moment she spent with us. We miss you so much my true friend. Nancy & Carl Thorby


Rest in Peace Sophie



DeLongs Darling Nikki

We lost “DeLongs Darling Nikki” this past Thursday after 17 and a half years. She is buried at our ranch near Blanchard ,Oklahoma.  She was our Love ,she was our little girl. She loved chew toys, barking when the phone or doorbell
rang, and playing in mud She was LOVED Bill and Faye DeLong Yukon, Oklahoma


Rest in Peace DeLongs Darling Nikki




Rest in Peace my sweet little Carley Girl.


Rest in Peace Carley




Tulip had her teeth removed by breeders, her ears clipped, was tattooed and had been bred repeatedly. She was the sweetest and most loveable dog in the world. Loved and missed to meet at the rainbow bridge, Barbara and Shadow Strickland


Rest in Peace Tulip



PR Sunrise’s Mataskah Takoda

translated from Inuit to mean
‘white bear friendlt to many’

August 5, 1996 – July 7, 2003 You will live forever in my heart and in the stars up above, and your star will shine brighter with every life that was touched by your love….Until we meet again my Flufferbutt! Pj


Rest in Peace PR Sunrise’s Mataskah Takoda



Truffles the Great

Truffles The Great 1990-2003 To see Truffles Merrilegs run was to see joy personified. Truffles was a proud and noble creature who gave us more than we could ever have given him.


Rest in Peace Truffles the Great




Muffin, I’m so sorry you got so sick and had to leave us, you were so sweet and so spunky! We loved every day we were given to be with you. You will remain in my heart and mind always. You have fun at Rainbow Bridge and we will see
you soon. Love, Mom, Shania, Shamus, Emily and Muffin


Rest in Peace Muffin




In Loving Memory of Skeemo. Eleven years by our side. For eternity in our hearts. Patty & Ray


Rest in Peace Skeemo




Relay, He gave so much, and taken far too soon. One of a kind, and will be dearly missed


Rest in Peace Relay




Two weeks ago we gently put to sleep our beloved Eskie Holly.She was 16 and a half years old and the most loving, gentle little girl. She is so missed by all of us. She will live forever in our hearts. Nancy & Carl Thorby


Rest in Peace Holly




“Our Precious Snow” Dustin, Caroline, and Sandy


Rest in Peace Snow




In loving memory of my precious little Nikki girl. I gently put her to sleep on 5/4/2007. She gave us 14 years of love, affection and laughter. I know you are in a better place but my heart is broken. Till we meet again my angel. I
love you Lydia


Rest in Peace Nikki




Baby My best friend for 15 years you will always be missed. November 2,2005


Rest in Peace Baby




You are & always will be my best friend & faithful companion. I am very happy that you had pick me that day at the shelter. You brought so much joy to my empty life. I will miss you forever. I know you are at the rainbow bridge
waiting for me dear little girl. I can’t wait to touch your fur & see you big brown eyes again.


Rest in Peace SuzyQ




Rocky October 20, 1994 – August 10, 2007

Our first rescued Eskie Our best boy will be forever loved and never forgotten Our Rock Star

Rick, Shelley, and his brothers Willy, Sam, Marco, Alpine and Denali Ferland


Rest in Peace Rocky




In Memory of our champ Gypsie 12 years old Passed Today September 22, 2007.


Rest in Peace Gypsie




Shania My Angel ! What a Brave Girl! What a personality! You had so many human friends that loved you. Since you two can see now, you have fun with little Muffin! We love you and miss you. Always remembered, Mom, Gracie, Shamus, Muffin
and Emily


Rest in Peace Shania




In Memory of Tiko (12/31/2007)

You are my best friend and companion.  I love you with all of my heart.  I am so happy you came into my life.  I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. You and me. Thank you for being such a special friend.

Love Zach


Rest in Peace Tiko



Happy Jack

Loved by the Irwin’s and all, of Eskie Rescue St. Louis


Rest in Peace Happy Jack




On Monday Feb. 18th at 2:55 PM I had to put my best friend Caesar down. He was a handsome American Eskimo that had shared his love and life with my wife and I for 10 and a half years. He had been my close companion and went every ware
that I went during the time that we lived together. I feel an emptiness that is overwhelming.



Rest in Peace Caesar




She was my baby, my singing partner, and my buddy.  I will miss her greatly. R. Levitt


Rest in Peace Lexie




My cuddly Beau Beau.  So loving, kind and gentle. I love the way you would lay and spread all for legs on the cool floor.  I love you and I will miss you deeply. Love forever – Krissy, Jesse and Lewis


Rest in Peace Beau




Our Pal Reggie Reggie was a blessed sweetheart. He was a sick boy and we tried so hard to help him with his illness.  We miss him very much.

Joel and Sandy Michael


Rest in Peace Reggie



We will miss Jack:

Jack was one of the Fab Four from Indiana. His brother, Reggie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge before him. Farewell to Jack from his Friends at Eskie Rescue. Jack was a very sweet boy and we will miss him. Jack brought much joy to
his adoptive family.


Rest in Peace Jack



Bud E. Bear

Bud E. Bear will forever hold a special place in our hearts.  He is gone but will never be forgotten.

Elise, Matt and Maddie


Rest in Peace Bud E. Bear




29 December 1993 – 25 July 2008

Snikkers aka Snickers


Rest in Peace Snikkers




Sassy was the best friend that I ever had always there for me when I needed her and I was ther for her. She was my baby, and we all will miss her deeply but she will never be far from our minds.

With Love Tiffany Terry,Gary & Greg Thiemann


Rest in Peace Sassy





To my dearest dog Tasha. I love you. I know we will see each other again.

Love, Mom.


Rest in Peace Tasha




Oliver, I fell in love with you at first sight and just knew that you had to be a part of our family; I just wish we would have had more time together. Your hugs and smile were magical and made everything better. Your silly ways of
throwing your treats around and walking in circles were just the cutest.  You will always be missed and know that we will be running to give you hugs when we get to heaven.  Be a good boy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Always, Mom and Dad Gieringer


Rest in Peace Oliver



Lexie Louise

RIP 11/13/1996-11/14/2008

Thanks for being the best dog Lexie. We will always miss you. Sorry you got sick with cancer. You are at peace now baby girl. See you at the rainbow bridge.

Love Daddy, Mommy, Katherine and Leah.


Rest in Peace Lexie Louise




Born: May 8, 1997
Died: November 29, 2008

“He was with us for eleven and a half years and during that time, he brought us much joy and beautiful memories. Beloved dog of Ken and Anthony, you will be remembered always.”


Rest in Peace Shakespeare



“Angel Bug” Olivia Dawn

In loving memory of my “Angel Bug” Olivia Dawn.You will be truly missed by your mama most of all.You where my friend and loyal companion and where always there for me. I love you mommy.

6-6-93 to 11-28-08


Rest in Peace “Angel Bug” Olivia Dawn




They say memories are golden well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I’d walk the path to heaven and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

Rest in Peace my sweet Spooky




You came to me when I was sad
But with your love you made me glad
So beautiful, so sweet, so smart
That day in June you stole my heart
And for the many days thereafter
You filled my life with love and laughter
My Eskie girl, so loyal and true
Always remember: I love you

Love, Mommy and Comet

Rest in Peace Cinder




We cannot begin to express the sadness in our Hearts for the loss of our Chuckie.  He was our Protector and Loyal Friend.  We miss him desperately.  Sleep well, Chuckie Michael, our beloved son, suffer no more.

Mom and Dad Michael and Desiree

Rest in Peace Chuckie




In Memory of Nikki, a princess with an adventurer’s heart and spirit. She was a joy and beloved by all who knew her, especially by Fei and Chris.

Rest in Peace Nikki



Our Mistie Michael

Misite was a beautiful girl, and she touched our lives in many ways. She came to us as a Reskie with many hurts by a previous owner. She now has peace.  Much love to Mistie and she will never be forgotten. We miss
you, Mistie.  Love, The Michaels – Desiree, Sandy, and Joel

Rest in Peace Mistie



You made me laugh and will be missed. See you in heaven Buddy!
~Mommy Michelle

Rest in Peace Sparky



“We adopted Nikki in February of 2005 and never regretted it. We lost him on September 14, 2009. He was a wonderful dog! We will miss him and are grateful that we had the opportunity to be his family!”

Rest in Peace Nikki



He was a tough and courageous little dog who fought his cancer with a smile and spring in his caboose! Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you very much! Good night sweet Prince!

Rest in Peace Hobie



Worf my best friend for 17 years, I miss you more than words can say.


Your mom


Rest in Peace Worf



My Buddy boy… I love you so much, you gave me so much happiness for 14 years.. You were the one to listen to me when I had no one..

You stood by me with every move I made, never letting that smile down one time. You kind eyes always knowing what I was saying…

I really thought you would be with me forever, and my heart hurts, and that silly pink pillow is empty, the one you loved to lay on and watch TV and its hard your not there.

I love you my Buddy boy, and I am thankful I had you in my life. Momma loves you and knows you are running free.

Buddy left to be with the angels 12/3/2009.


Rest in Peace Buddy



“I will dearly miss my little shadow I had for so long, my Snickerdoodle.”

March 15, 1994 – February 23, 2010”


Rest in Peace Snickers



Our sweet baby girl, we miss you everywhere….laying next to our chairs, going out with dad every morning to get the paper, under mom’s feet when she’s cooking, snoozing in the back seat when we go to the lake.  We’ll miss you forever in our hearts.  You came to us so sick with heartworms, but we got you back to being brand new.  We were blessed to have five great years with you until another sickness came that we couldn’t fix.  Now you truly are in your forever home, and we’ll be a family there again someday.  Save us a pair of wings!    We’ll always love you!    Mom & Dad Hermeyer
            Gone to Heaven June 7, 2010


Rest in Peace Nina


PR Teddy Bear Mufasa (“Teddy”)

He was our pal and joy. We miss him every day.

John and Connie


Rest in Peace Teddy



Our beloved Teddy Bear was a funny little Eskie. He was such a loyal Eskie and always there for us. He watched over us like a big lion. He was a tremendous Frisbee player.
Teddy fought a two-year battle of bladder cancer
and “Crossed the Rainbow Bridge”
at the age of 14 (in September 2010).  He had a wonderful life, and he gave us a wonderful gift of himself.

Thank you, Teddy Bear, we will never forget you.

Love, Mom and Dad Michael


Rest in Peace Teddy



Beloved friend, protector and confidant. He loved the outdoors, lying in the sun, smelling the rich earth. He is sorely missed.


Rest in Peace George


Baby Bobby

Bobby came to us years ago as a rescue dog. He was heartworm positive and very sick. We brought him back to a healthy, beautiful Eskie. Bobby gave us much happiness. Words cannot express how much we miss him. Wish they
could just live forever. Baby Bobby will live forever in our Hearts.

Thank you, Bobby, for being with us.
Love, Mom and Dad Michael


Rest in Peace Bobby



Little Jory

Jory was a very special to Everyone.  His foster parents, Rick and Pat, took very good care of Jory, who came into the rescue program as a very sick dog.  We treated Jory, and he was able to enjoy several months of
a good quality of life before he became sick and “Crossed the Rainbow Bridge.”  We all loved Jory very much.  For a dog who was stray in Kansas and had no home, Jory found a huge loving family here in St. Louis
and will not be forgotten.


Rest in Peace Jory



Marco Beanie Ferland
Rescued Fall 2002 – Dec 3, 2010

Our beloved Bean

Rick and Shelley Ferland


Rest in Peace Marco



SADIE (Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 22, 2010)

Our precious little girl came to us at Christmas and was taken from us at Christmas eight years later. Her favorite things were riding in the golf cart or shotgun in the truck. Now she gets to do them in heaven.

You brought us unconditional love. We will always love you as you loved us.

Mommy and Daddy Blansit


Rest in Peace Sadie



Aspen- 12/18/2010

You were my best friend for 11 years. You brought us unconditional love. We will never forget you Aspen, and I will always love you. Until we meet again, keep smiling and know you are dearly missed.

Love you, Dad, Mom, Charlotte, Jarrod, Mocha.

Daniel G. Poulin


Rest in Peace Aspen



Little Cricket. We’ll always remember you and your tennis balls. You gave such joy to your mom, dad and brother. Give Cinder a “hello” kiss from us.
Love always, Patti and Jamie


Rest in Peace Cricket


Shuggie Bear

She came into my life
One bright and sunny day
The moment that I saw her
She stole my heart away

She was so frail and thin
From being locked away
I looked into her eyes
and gave up my heart that day

I gently put my hand down
To let her catch my scent
She knew that very moment
That my love was heaven sent

For ten long years I’ve loved her
I gave her all I had
We’ve had a bond unbroken
Through the good times and the bad

Our love was exponential
It grew for all those years
Today my heart was broken
My eyes filled up with tears

I held her in my arms
And whispered soft and low
I knew this was the right thing
But my heart kept screaming, no

The Doctor did her job
The shot worked very fast
I could feel her breathing slow
And her heartbeat stopped at last

My Sugar has crossed “The Rainbow Bridge”
To the fields where all pets go
To romp and play, for all their days
And wait for their masters to show

When once again I’ll hold her close
And tell her of my love
And we’ll walk the fields together
Through the heavens up above

All her pain has ended now
and mines about to start
I’m glad I have her sister, Maya
To help mend my broken heart

Shuggie Bear, we miss you every waking moment.
We’re taking care of Maya until the day she comes to join you.

I’ll love and miss you forever.


Rest in Peace Shuggie Bear




Rest in Peace Maya



Jingles was a rescue dog who had been shot by his owner for chasing his horses. The owner then turned Jingles into a high kill shelter. Shelley rescued Jingles and his wounds healed and never bothered him again. Jingles was
a beautiful, happy-go-lucky boy. He was fun; he loved everyone,
especially his family. We can only hope to see him again when we, too, “Cross that Rainbow Bridge.

Joel and Sandy Michael


Rest in Peace Jingles



Comet came to me at the tender of age of 10, and for the next 6 years he was a joy to have in my life.  Phoebe and I miss him every day.  Rest in peace, my dear Eskie boy.



Rest in Peace Comet


Mandy Wulf

Mandy Wulf, our sweetie pie. She was so loving and gave us such happiness Mandy will be forever in our hers.
Love, Mom and Dad (Mandy was adopted from American Eskimo Recue)



Rest in Peace Mandy Wulf




When I think of how lucky we were to find our angel, Bear, it brings a tear to my eyes. He was the only dog I’ve ever met, that just by looking into his warm brown eyes, you could actually see his kind, sweet soul. My husband
and I fell in love at first sight, when Sandy brought him out to meet us from the rescue at the age of 3. It took him a month or so to realize we were going to be his forever home, but once he did, he let the spoiling
and his other four-legged siblings would get wrapped Christmas gifts each year, and be showered with love every day of the year. Bear’s passing was, and still is, quite a blow to all of husband, myself, and his 6
year old brother, Rocky. We feel our loss every day since he left us for Heaven. We think of him daily and are so grateful to have had 10 wonderful years with our gentle giant…Until we meet again, my sweet, sweet boy….

Love, Mom and Dad (Michelle and Lance)



Rest in Peace Bear





On March 14, 2000, someone put the most beautiful American Eskimo dog, Maxie (10 months old) in our fenced yard. We did not want him because we had a dog. No one claimed him for two weeks. We fell in love with him and kept
him for 13 years. Maxie enjoyed playing with Lady (yellow lab/terrier dog) for almost five years (Lady crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 1, 2004). We then adopted Toby, American Eskimo dog, in December 2004 from Eskie
Connection. Toby enjoyed played with Maxie, too. It was very sad that the whipworms damaged his intestines as he had an irritable bowl disorder and it changed to gastric adenocarcinoma. He lost eight pounds (cachexia) in
four weeks. We worked very hard to save him, but had to let him go since he was in so much pain and suffering. We love and miss him very much forever.

In Memory of our Sweet Maxie, Pam and


Rest in Peace Maxie




Sweet Princess

Princess crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” and will not be forgotten. Princess (and Prince, who is still with his family ) came from Oklahoma at the age of 13. Their original owner went to a residential home and could not take care
of them any longer. The two were rescued from a shelter and then placed in a wonderful home. Thank you very much to Pastor Keith and Trish for giving Princess (and Prince) a very loving home. Princess was a beautiful Reskie
and will be missed.

Pastor Keith, Trish, and the Eskie Rescue Team


Rest in Peace Princess





We rescued her in February 1999. She had nubs for back paws and was a complete mess. She became a mama’s little girl who brought much joy to my life. This was our first Eskie who lived to be 15 and a half. She actually rescued
me. Until we meet again my friend.


Rest in Peace Flurrie





Our first family pet. She saw our children from grade school through college. When defining the perfect dog BJ was the one. There will never be another one like her. She lived to be 16 and quarter years old. You will always
live on forever in our hearts.


Rest in Peace BJ





Scamp came to us years ago as a rescue dog thanks to Sandy & Kim. He was heartworm positive and very sick and he was the best Eskie to come into our lives, but with sadden and broken hearts Scamp was gently put to rest
on 8/15/11 Scamp was our big boy and gave us so much Love & Happiness. Words cannot express how much we miss him. We wish they could just live forever. Scamper will live forever in our Hearts and we we’re blessed to
have him. We miss you Scampy.

Rest in Peace our Sweet Boy

Love Gary, Terry
Greg & Tiffany


Rest in Peace Scamp





Holly Anna
In loving memory of my precious little Holly Anna. We gently put her to sleep on 3/16/2013. She gave us 13 1/2 years of love, affection and laughter. I know you are in a better place but my heart is broken. Till
we meet again my angel. We love you So much!

Rest in peace my sweet little angel
Love Gary, Terry,Greg & Tiffany Thiemann


Rest in Peace Holly





To our beloved Angel, Corky. You were in our life only a short time and yet you gave to us a life time of love. When you looked at us with those big, sweet loving eyes, our hearts would melt. You trusted us so much and knew
we would be there for you but now you are with Jesus who will be there for you. Our hearts are broken but you are in good hands now without any pain. We look forward to seeing and holding you again and feel your beautiful
love once more.

Your loving family, Ramona and Troy (Special note to Ramona and Troy: Thank you very much for fostering Corky and Schnitzy and giving them the loving home they deserved).


Rest in Peace Corky





We loved Maggie very much, miss her, and hope we gave her the home she deserved for the 11 years she was with us. She will always be alive and well in our memories.

Her loving family


Rest in Peace Maggie





I fell in love with Sally the first time I held her – she was so soft and gentle that I wanted to hold her and pet her forever. We adopted her on 2/9/2005 and she was a wonderful part of our lives. She was diagnosed with cancer
in August 2012 and fought bravely and without complaint till 6/11/2013. She is greatly missed.

Tom and Jeanette


Rest in Peace Sally





Pete Heidel
Rescued Oct 2000 – April 2013
A quiet gentleman with a happy spirit; he changed our life.

Jerry & Cookie Heidel


Rest in Peace Pete




Our “Eskie Spy Dog,” Kip

We adopted Kip from AER 11 ½ years ago. He won our hearts from the moment we met him, when he kissed his dad on the nose during our visit to the vet where he was being treated for heartworms and kennel cough. On July 31, 2013,
Kip crossed “The Rainbow Bridge,” after a rather unexpected turn for the worse on the previous afternoon. He had been in declining health for awhile, but was joyous and loved life until the very end. He lived 14 ½ years,
at best guess. We feel an irreplaceable loss and will miss his thousands of kisses dreadfully (our “Lickenstein” dog!) and “Eskie talk” forever. The many “bunny runs” on which he dragged Mom along in earlier years, the
many weekend cooking afternoons spent begging Dad for “chick-chick” and steak, playing hide-and-seek around the kitchen island, “hootenahs” rolling on the bed and the rugs, watching him stand guard at his window a few feet
away—all of these moments will be forever treasured. His memorial is next to that window, where he can still bark at cars 5 seconds after they have safely passed out of his sight, and then turn to us with a proud look.
He was always a gentleman, playful and loyal, truly the perfect dog. To our “beautiful boy,” with heartfelt love and gratitude, from Mom and Dad.


Rest in Peace Kip




Willy (“The Goat”)

Our little 15.5 year old Willy went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 9. He was rescued from the streets of Chicago at eight months old, flown to St. Louis where we fostered and adopted him. He became blind with a
genetic disease later in life. He always rode in the front seat of the car, often leaving his mom in the back. Willy will be missed by all who knew him. Shelley and Rick


Rest in Peace Willy




Jake Grady – A Loyal Eskie Remembered

Not much was known about Jake’s young years. He was found wandering the streets in the Gasconade area of South St. Louis and ended up in the Gasconade Pound where he was rescued by American Eskimo Rescue. When he was placed
with my husband and I at 2-3 years old, he was jittery and very afraid of children. After a lot of love and reassuring though, he settled down to be a beautiful, sweet dog. He often received comments from strangers about
how beautiful he was. Although the male in him wanted to be macho and he felt he should growl at other male dogs, he would act shocked if they made an attempt to bite him. He would come whining to his Mama as if to say:
“Are they supposed to do that?” Thus, I nicknamed him “Baby Jake.” After all he never had a babyhood so he deserved one the rest of his life, right? He was always my Baby Boy and I am so glad I could be there for him this
summer when his illness and subsequent death from cancer took him from me. It was such a shock because Jake was healthy all his life and I just thought he would never die. Jake was there for me through many trials and errors
over the past 12 plus years. May God bless him and keep him close. He will never be forgotten — a great part of me went with him. Mama P. Grady

Rest in Peace Jake




Jack – One of the Fab Four

AER would like to say good-bye to Jack, one of the Fab Four, and sibling to Micky, Sam, Reggie (gone too soon), Peggy Sue, and Mother Molly. Jack was adopted by a wonderful family who took care of him. Jack will be missed.


Rest in Peace Jack





We were blessed to have Victoria in our lives for 15 wonderful years. She was our beautiful little girl with a heart to match.

Christa and John Oxford


Rest in Peace Victoria



Frankie in his younger days. What a beauty. He was deaf and had limited sight, but that did not keep him from enjoying life. He left me on March 14, 2014, because of an abdominal tumor that took his quality of life away from
him. Suka, Luke, and me, (MOM Pat) really miss you Frankie. We think he was about 16 or 17 years old. (Thank you, Pat, for giving Frankie his forever home – he will be missed and was a very special boy.)


Rest in Peace Frankie




Our Beloved Juneau

We adopted our beloved Juneau when he was three years old. The joy and bright spirit he brought into our home can’t be measured. His nick-name was “Juniehugs” because of all the hugs he to gave us. There is no pain greater
than the loss of love. Junie was loved by all who came to know him but especially so by Corinna and Jimmy. We will keep his memories alive and cherish him in our hearts forever. Greg, JoAnn, Corinna and Jimmy


Rest in Peace Juneau





Casper 1999-2014

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I’d walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.
Kim Stuckmeyer-Bruce


Rest in Peace Casper





Britney, our sweet baby girl. She was well loved by two families. We will miss her very much.
Rest in Peace and may God bless you. Love, Molly & Tom and Fred & Diane


Rest in Peace Britney





Jordan was the Brother to Pippin. Both were rescued from Indiana after being
dropped off at animal control from a pick-up truck in the rain. Rescued by

AER STL and then adopted by the Berger Family.
Thank you to the Mr. & Mrs. Berger for giving Jordan a wonderful home.

Sweet Jordan will not be forgotten.


Rest in Peace Jordan





We rescued “Candy” from a shelter in Indiana in 2013 when she was ten years young. She gave us all her love from the first day. She was a fantastic girl and so smart. Although we only had the loving and sweet girl
for a short time we will never forget her or stop loving her; she made our lives so much better. There is a big empty place in our lives now but the love she gave us while with us will help fill that void. She is in a better
place now and no longer hurting. We love and miss you “Candy.”

Thank You. Sue and Larry Watson


Rest in Peace Candy




Cody (Bear)

Our Cody (Bear) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday September 9th. We adopted Cody from the American Eskimo Rescue for my son’s (Dennis) 13th birthday in 2003. Cody was bright, playful and highly protective of our family.
We will forever have him in our hearts and forever be grateful to the American Eskie Rescue of St. Louis for caring and bringing Cody into our family.


Rest in Peace Cody





Harley – what a smart boy and so devoted to his family members. In the short while we had Harley, he was so wonderful and we miss him. Sandy and Joel Michael


Rest in Peace Harley





Babbs was a sweet senior Eskie girl and was fostered and loved by Tim, Dr. Kim Lynch, and Amy. She chased the rooster, went for long walks, and watched the horses at her foster home. Babbs had a very peaceful and loving life
before she passed of cancer. Babbs will be missed. AER STL


Rest in Peace Harley





Bonnie crossed The Rainbow Bridge on September 17. I have been absolutely devastated and miss her with all my heart. She was my BEST friend.
Love to Bonnie, Mamma Barton


Rest in Peace Bonnie




Sam & Gus

Sam (15) and Gus (17) were inseparable. They were both rescued and gave us
so many years of companionship. We will miss them so much.
Mike and Nichole


Rest in Peace Sam & Gus





Schnitzy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas Day. Thank you to Troy and Ramona for taking care of Schnitzy after she came to St. Louis. Schnitzy was nearly 20 years old, and she came to St. Louis with her daughter, Corky,
who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Corky was about 15 year old when she passed. These two girls touched the lives of many and will never be forgotten. AER STL


Rest in Peace Schnitzy





Rocky was my gift from heaven when I needed to smile again. He brought joy and love to whomever he came in contact with. He was a true Rockstar. I took him every day to the rehab center to visit my mom. Nurses, CNA’s and others
there for treatment would make sure they stopped him for his daily pets and snuggles. He ate up the attention. I was so very proud and happy to give him that purpose in life. I can’t thank AER STL enough for the trust in
us to give him his forever home. I knew when I saw his picture Rocky was supposed to be here for a reason. Rocky was taken way too soon from us but I’m sure he has another mission somewhere. I will see him again and we
are going to miss him dearly. I’m so glad we have our girls North and Shimmer. They are feeling the grief also. They really bonded with Rocky. We will miss Rocky very much. Bill and Patti


Rest in Peace Rocky




Prince and Princess

Prince and Princess were a wonderful pair of beautiful Eskies. Prince and Princess were a great addition to our family and we will always have fond memories of both of them. We will miss them dearly. Keith and Trish


Rest in Peace Prince and Princess






Our Darling Chloe
There once was a little black puppy that was taken to a kill shelter. The shelter called Shelley with American Eskimo Rescue and said they had an Eskie puppy. Shelley picked her and the puppy was black
(no Eskie is black). Shelley called me and I picked up the puppy and immediately adopted her to a person who wanted a small dog. Two weeks later the owner returned the puppy. That began our love affair. I contacted AKC
and was told she was a Pomeranian. Chloe was my best friend and we shared many wonderful years together. I trained her and she won three obedience titles from AKC and one year the number two obedience Pomeranian in AKC.
We visited schools and gave programs on pet responsibility. We also visited assisted living homes and brought many smiles to the residents; everyone said how cute the black puppy was, and she was always the star of the
We were inseparable; she was always there for me. My heart still aches. A virus affected her kidneys and she passed away last February. Every morning I kiss her little black marble urn and tell her I love her.
When things are not going well I talk to her as if we were together; Chloe always listened as though she understood me. Sometimes I feel her jumping into bed and I reach to pet her. We were together 14 wonderful years.
I will always be grateful to American Eskimo Rescue for the joy they helped bring into my life. Someday I will get another little puppy but I am not ready. I know that I can’t replace her. We love and miss you, Chloe. Jane
and James


Rest in Peace CHLOE






In loving memory of Jax. Loved by Lenny and his family and AER STL.


Rest in Peace Jax






Billy brought so much joy and love into my life during his 14-1/2 years. He will be sorely missed. I pray that he is happy and at peace now.


Rest in Peace Billy






After 15 1/2 years of companionship, true friendship, and real unconditional love, my Lil Man, Pierre, crossed “The Rainbow Bridge.” He has both entertained me and challenged me all the way. He helped me through many years
of trials and tribulations. My life will never be the same without him. I miss him with every beat of my heart! I will see you again when it’s “my time” – Mommy


Rest in Peace Pierre







Toby will be in our hearts forever. Laura


Rest in Peace Toby







Mister was adopted by Mike and Allison and was a sweet boy. He will be missed. AER STL


Rest in Peace Mister







Our dear, precious Luke “Crossed the Rainbow Bridge” and we will miss him so much. We loved him so much. He was funny, loyal, affectionate, and so beautiful. The house is so empty without him. He was part of our family for
14 years and lived to the ripe old age of 16. You will be always in our hearts, Dear Luke.


Rest in Peace Luke







Kayto was 16 years old and our first reskie Eskie. He passed away on July 7th at age 16. Kayto was such a sweet and gentle dog with special quirks which just added to his charm. We miss him so much. Love Debbie and Becky.


Rest in Peace Kayto







Pappy, you were my sweet little boy. You are now and will always be missed. Amy


Rest in Peace Pappy







Molly was such a sweetheart and she will be missed. Thank you, Clevlen Family, for taking care of Molly.


Rest in Peace Molly







Buddy was rescued in 2009. The shelter called and said: “if you don’t come get him he will be put to sleep in an hour.” Joel went to pick him up immediately. We brought Buddy home and he learned that we would love him forever.
Buddy passed from lung cancer and was about 12 years old. We had a wonderful life with Buddy. Sandy and Joel Michael


Rest in Peace Buddy







Our companion of 15 years has journeyed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Rosie was
a great loyal companion, a real part of our family and loving friend. She

will be missed not just by Susan and I but by our families and friends.
Love, Roy and Susan


Rest in Peace Rosie







Frosty Paws

Frosty Paws turned 15 in December, rescued him in 2002. Frosty Paws will be missed and we loved him dearly!
LeeAnn and Family


Rest in Peace Frosty Paws






Tigo came to AER a very sick little boy. Though he was old, blind and sick, he had a great deal of courage and a strong will. We came to love him very much in the short time that he was with us, but he seemed to capture the
hearts of everyone he came in contact with. He was fearless when we took him for walks for he loved the great outdoors where he could smell the air and feel the grass beneath his feet. At night he was cuddled, showered
with kisses then tucked into bed. When you picked him up he made just the cutest little noises looking at you in such a special way as if he could really see you! Tigo had a corkscrew tail that was a joy to see when it
was wagging. For Tigo didn’t just wag his little “piggy” tail for nothing, but when it did you knew you hit a home run in his book! We’d like to think that his last months were the happiest he had been since he was a puppy!
He fit in with his foster family like he had always been here. Tigo knew he was loved and we’d like to think we spoiled him a bit! He passed peacefully and left our lives as gently as he entered it. We love you little Tigo!
Thank you for redefining “special needs” for us! Thank you for enriching us beyond money, loving us beyond measure. Go play little guy, you are free at last to run! Love, Holly, Rob, Bo and Shelby


Rest in Peace Tigo






We lost our precious Emmy to doggie heaven due to chronic kidney failure. She was 14. Emmy was such a wonderful friend and we will miss her. Thank you for what you do and we appreciate that you rescued her so we could give
her a home. We were truly the lucky ones. Thanks, Rick and Becky Sherman


Rest in Peace Emmy






I was blessed to be able to have Venus in my life. When we got her I promised this would be her forever home and I kept my promise. She was the most loving, friendly and beautiful dog I have ever had. I know she is happy now
even though I’m very sad God needed her back home. Alice Lira


Rest in Peace VENUS






Zeke came from a neglectful situation and was adopted to a loving forever home. Zeke will be missed very much. He was a sweet boy and loved by Phyllis.
Thank you, Phyllis, for giving Zeke a wonderful home.


Rest in Peace Zeke






Diamond came into our life when she was six months old and she changed our lives. Diamond was such a good girl; she loved being with us very much and loved our Grandkids. She also loved to go for walks and riding in a car.
Whenever we left the house, I would grab her to-go-bag and she knew she could go with us. Diamond became a mother (or big sister) to our other dog, a cocker spaniel mix, named “Sable.” Some days Sable roams through the
house looking for Diamond. We miss Diamond very much. The Riley Family


Rest in Peace Diamond





Major McAllister

Major McAllister

Loved so much by the McAllister Family (Mike, Patrick, Tyler, Mike, Kayla, and other family members), Major will be missed very much. Major was rescued as a puppy with his sister, and they were among the first Eskies to be
adopted through American Eskimo Rescue of St. Louis. Major was 16 years young, full of life until he “Crossed the Rainbow Bridge,” and a McAllister Family Member who will never be forgotten. Major was a trooper fighting
cancer for eight months. Major will be sorely missed.


Rest in Peace Major McAllister






Lisa was a very sweet girl and will be missed by many.


Rest in Peace Lisa




Gypsy Strickland

Gypsy was only nine and a half years old when she crossed the rainbow bridge from kidney failure. I adopted her when she was five and a half. Even though she was blind she brought so much light and joy to everyone she knew.
Very sweet and loving and my very good friend, princess, and puppy. Gypsy is so very missed.


Rest in Peace Gypsy Strickland






Mitzie enjoyed almost six full years with us. During that time, she
enjoyed taking walks, romping in her yard, and chasing birds. She
always made sure that we said good night to her before going upstairs
to bed. She loved it when her daddy picked her up and held her. She
would snuggle under my chin, and then gnaw on my chin! She would try
to act tough by giving us her ‘wolf snarl’, but she never bit us. She
was such a sweet dog.  Vickie and I are grateful that you took a
chance on us adopting Mitzie. Our sorrow will pass, but we will never
forget her.  Mitzie will be missed.  Tom and Vickie


Rest in Peace Mitzie






Lacy came to us from a foster home in Indiana. Her life started rough. By the time we got her she was 10 months old and she had already lost her right front leg . Despite her rough start, she remained a spunky fighter.  She loved life. She loved to bark at other dogs and ping’d whenever there was no dog to bark at. She loved flip chews and would actually flip them over her head when excited.She loved to play,chase rabbits and go for walks. Lacy had many aliases. Jo dog, tripod, momma’s precious were just a few.  Amazingly, she responded to all of them.  We got to enjoy Lacy for over 14 years; our two boys grew up with her. We have many pictures,  videos, and good memories.  We also have one huge hole in our hearts. Rest up, Lacy. We’ll see you soon!



Rest in Peace LACY







Goodbye to Scout

The first night we fostered you, you jumped on our bed and slept by our feet. We knew we weren’t supposed to let you sleep on our bed, but neither of us could tell you “no.” We looked at each other and laughed and went to sleep. You slept by our sides and walked by our sides every day for the last eight years, never wanting to be too far away and always making sure to warn off strangers. As August, your dog walker, would say about your bossiness, “Scout gave them the business.”  You had a big personality and unconditional love to give to your family. You will never be forgotten.  Love you always, Sarah and Fernando



Rest in Peace SCOUT





I visited you Boo at the pet store for a week before finally taking you home, it was love at first site. We gave each other 14 years of happiness and the best memories. You were so loyal and faithful to me, and I loved you so much. Your beauty made you never age. Every day I miss you and I didn’t want you to go, but for you, I did not want pain or suffering. You will stay near me until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge and forever in my heart. We miss you my boy, Love Momma, Papa & Nick



Rest in Peace BOO





Kosmos and MoMo


In Memory of Kosmos and MoMo from Sherry (I miss them both so much!)


Rest in Peace Kosmos and MoMo




Fly to the Angels,Owen. Run – play and tell Missy, Pippin and Major when I see you all in heaven, we’ll see who really owns the stick!


Rest in Peace OWEN


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