How Your Gift Helps

AER STL is funded solely by donations and adoption fees. We
have very low administrative expenses, but the care we provide
to the Eskies is costly. All AER STL dogs receive vaccinations,
fecal checks, heartworm medications and are spayed or neutered
and microchipped. Many dogs require even more attention…

Lola was turned into a shelter and marked for
death when we found her. She lost 17 teeth and needed vaccinations.
Today Lola is living with a wonderful family and has a doggie
housemate she plays with.

When Missy was brought to us she had enormous mammary tumors. We paid for her surgery and follow-up medical treatments. Missy is now cancer-free and has been adopted to a wonderful, loving family.
Brodie and Moxley were turned in to a high kill shelter in Indiana when their owner got sick. If AER STL hadn’t taken them in, they would have been put to sleep. Both needed medical attention, vaccinations, grooming and dental work. Moxley didn’t like other dogs, so AER STL offered the family training in order to keep Moxley in his new home. Moxley and Brodie are doing very well now in their new homes.
Snoopy was found tied to an old dog house without any food or water out in the country in Southern Missouri. He needed to be neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and fecal worms. Luckily for Snoopy, the family who was fostering him adopted him. 
Bonnie and Bandit were turned in by their owner
at 10 years of age because their family was no longer able to
care for them. Both were very sick with stomach problems, urinary
tract infections and terrible teeth that required dental work.
Bonnie had a growth on her leg that turned out to be an aggressive
cancer. It required the removal of her leg. We are happy to
report that both dogs have been adopted to wonderful homes and
are doing well.