Applications & Docs

Our Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one of our rescued American Eskimos, please follow these procedures. A representative will get back with you soon. However, this could take up to a week or more, depending on our rescue schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  1. Fill out an adoption application and submit it. Or download the PDF to your computer, print it, fill it out, and Email to Feel free to send your completed application via US mail (PO Box 190523, St Louis, MO 63119). We will be happy to send an application to you by USPS mail as well.
  2. A volunteer will call you to review your application.
  3. A home visit will be arranged, so we can visit with you and your family. We want to make sure a good match is made for both your family and our rescued Eskie.
  4. After the home visit is completed, and we have approved your adoption, you will be able to meet the foster family and take your Eskie home. You will be asked to sign an adoption agreement and a waiver of liability at that time. In addition, you will be given the rescued Eskie’s adoption folder and any other medical information, including participating veterinarian name and number.

Thank you for following the above procedures. Call us with any questions at 314-647-1112.


Online Adoption Application 

If you would like to adopt an eskie please fill out our adoption
application above.

PDF version of Adoption Application

print, fillout, scan and email to,
or contact us for a AER Fax#)

Online Foster
Home Application

If you would like to become a foster home for the eskies please
fill out a foster home application above.

PDF version of Foster Home Application

(please print, fill out, scan and email to,
or contact us for a AER Fax#)

Foster Waiver Form

print, fill out, scan and email to,
or contact us for a AER Fax#)


If you would like to become a volunteer for the AER please
fill out a ‘Volunteer Wavier’ form.

We ask that you do the following
in preparation for your Eskie:

– Provide a crate for the Eskie

– Leash, collar, and a new information tag with your name and number on it.

(we appreciate the return of collar and Eskie Rescue tags)

– Promise collar or other training devise

– Have ready and available bowls and proper food

– Safe toys and bedding

– Treats


Make an appointment with your
personal veterinarian for the following:

1. Follow up fecal if dog was positive with worms after rescue

2., Heartworm preventative and frontline for next due date

3. Register Eskie with your local county by changing the rabies information and tag

4. Register your Eskie with Avid microchip by sending in the form with your name/address and
telephone number

PLEASE CALL US. We have put lots of love, time and energy into each dog.

We love to hear from you!